Saturday, April 18, 2009

Summer time blues...

So finals are slowly coming and going since most of my exams are spread out over a 2 week period but starting in May I'll be back in game and pvping and updating again. Thanks to all the regulars that still check my blog out on a regular basis to see if I've updated. I promise you some good stuff over the summer. I may switch corps depends on what kind of summer job I get and how Ninja Pirates' operating times and my free time match up but w.e. we'll see how it goes.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Long time no see

I has been quite a while since I've posted so here's what happened. I got through midterms with relative ease, started spring break fun wormholes sleepers pewpews etc. The Wednesday after spring break I had begun typing up a blog post when my mom called, my grandpa had died. So I dropped everything and drove back home to help her with things, mainly dealing with our huge family that was going to fly in.

That being said I haven't pewpewed or done much since spring break. But I have a few things I will share. The Ninja Pirates did a wormhole and made nearly 700mil which came out to be 54mil per person I think. While in there we found a player in a Navy Issue Raven. I kid you not. He had jumped through first in his gang and the wormhole closed behind him and he had been stuck in there for 2 days, we showed him a way out and relieved him of some of his mods after podding his ass back to high sec.

Other than that my pvp has been limited to market whoring. I got in on Basilisk and Guardian sales buying low prepatch and waiting for the spike. I had bought like 13 guardians at 50mil a pop and sold em for 77mil each. Basilisks I've had to wait a while for them to spike but they finally did, bought 35 of em at 60.5 mil and sold at 71-68mil. So healthy profits for just sitting on my ass i suppose.

Right now the cruiser market is going beserk so I'm capitalizing on that (8mil for a thorax WHAT!?!)

Now to go sleep off the rest of my hang over o/

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pew and midterms a dangerous cocktail

So I've got 2 Midterms next Friday that I've been feverishly studying for and haven't had much time at all for pewing in EVE. The most I've been able to do is keep my production lines running hot as to keep making money while not taking any loses but unfortunately I'm not exactly moving as much volume as I'd like. But I do have a few stories from a week or so ago that I'd like to share so I'll start with my most recent encounters and work backwards.

Few days ago I needed a break from studying, so I hopped in my Arbitrator and flew out looking for some ships I could shoot at. An hour later I'm getting pretty bored and discouraged. I decide to take the long way home and check out a few systems on my way. I come across a drake ratting in a belt. Of course I first giggle to myself at the Drake with an unchanged ship name and check his age before warping in directly on top of him, pointing and webbing him. He's got a few NPC frigs on him which I appreciate so I release ECM drones and sit to see if any help arrives. None does so I scoop those for my Valk IIs. I know not the best damage type for fighting a Drake but I wasn't exactly prepared for this. He chips away at my armor tank as I start putting dents into his shields. I'm at 25% armor he's at 50% shields when he stablizes with his peek recharge. He gets me into structure as hes at 35% and I run away like a bitch *\o/*. On my how I get nabbed by a gate camp even though I had a cloak. Which pissed me off entirely.

A week ago.
Was looking for action in our home system, and we caught a hawk with Giisti B-Type stuff he took a while to go down but we made it happen. Then no one looted the son of a bitch and the vultures got his shield booster. An hour later our gang is looking for action, probably 12 of us or so. I say I'll warp out to planet 9 (the one planet not in scan range from the other belts. I warp to zero and land right on a Devoter. I point web ECM drones etc. Their fleet shows up then ours does. We have ECM so a few of them run, we manage to kill a Crow Devoter and Thorax.

A week and a half ago.
Ran into a Maller, I could have soloed him but I was ganged with a few people so he went down fast. Right after that the exact same thing happens. Find Maller gang blows him up. I have to say they are my favorite ship to fight when they are setup correctly (i.e. kor anon's fit). This gang also manages to kill a Blackbird and Thorax.Our gang is about 5 strong. The day before all this we get a gang going and slam head long into another gang with similar numbers I think about 7-10 We have enough jams going around to totally fuck up their day. We get away with an Ishtar and Cerb kill. Before they all start running for their lives. We manage to find an anhilate a Drake after this that was T2 fitted and rigged costing about 110mil. Why they hell people fly these ships solo is beyond me. Earlier when I logged I found a Caracal sitting a belt ratting. I popped him with ease and he convos me to sincerely congradulate me on a good kill and explained how he wants to start a pirate career of his own. I go to find another Caracal and almost engage when a Celestis shows up and the Caracal runs to planet 9. I give chase try to find them and do at a safe spot, which made me curious so I just sit at the belt out there hoping they come find me when I see the Caracal's pod on scan. As I'm running through what could have happened in my head the Celestis pilot convos me and challenge's me to a 1v1. I quickly accept and we gang and i warp to his SS. Seeing the Caracal wreck as I warped in I only could think how high and mighty this guy must feel right now and how he has no idea what my Arbitrator has in store for him. He releases ECM drones and shoots me with blasters. So in response I pop his ECM drones and stay out of his range while my drones chew through him. He pops and congradulates I thank him and tell him to come back any time. But I can't help but feel sore about not getting that Caracal kill.

My two favorite kills.
My two favorite kills of this timeframe come in the form of Typhoons. The first kill we got when the pilot brought his solo phoon to a belt. We got a point ECM etc on him. Our gang was: Arbitrator, Thorax, Wolf, Kitsune, Rifter, and two Stabbers. Took a good bit but we brought him down. The next we didn't get a KM for, but it was a good kill none the less. We pinned down a Typhoon in a belt and had a Stabber, Falcon, Rifter, Arbitrator. Not nearly enough DPS so as we called out in corp, alliance, and our public chan, he activates self destruct. We get him to 10% armor when he suicides. I was pissed and he was being all high and mighty. But they truth of it was he took the chicken shit way out to save him self the incredible embaressment of getting killed by such a small group. Either way I'm counting it as a kill and a win in my book.

My midterms end right before Apocrypha, so you'll see posts with me getting all kinds of fun kills in W-Space and in low sec (with BS spawns there who knows what we'll find >:D) I also have a huge money making scheme in the works that once it is completed I'll share the story.

Till then fly in style,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My pod shines red from the blood of my enemies and from a bit of my own

So this is going to be a bit of a massive update lots to talk about and I know if I split it up I'll never get to it all. I'll divide it up to make it easily accessible for those who don't want to read it all.

I've heard rumors of being able to switch up attributes twice a year. This is HUGE mainly cause my toons now have very little need for anything but perception and willpower as I am going for T2 cruisers and T2 guns for all races.

I did a DBR for the new Tech 3 production dev blog should be on ENN shortly check it out comment etc.

Dropped Analytic Philosophy from my classes. It was easily my hardest class and I studied furiously for it and it pretty much burnt me out and made my other classes suffer and now I have to play catch up in them. Just about over this cold as well so I've given a lot of my free time to EVE instead of studying...which is dumb but its what I'm doing.

I'll be starting with the most recent engagements I've had and be working back through the weekend. I've always tried to keep my alts rather under the radar but at this point I don't care. I finally went permablinky with my pirate alt Mapes. She's a murder machine and can fly any race's T1 cruisers, guns, and ewar. I fly with the illustrious Ninja Pirates. They are a good bunch that were orginally fairly green when Lurbyjo convinced me to join. I brought along my pirate partner Joe and he's turned them into quite the pirate corp, of course Ken, Lurbyjo's husband has done a great deal to turn many of our players into pvp veterans. Here's our KB. Now I'll grant we aren't the best pvpers and we don't undock battleships and rarely battlecruisers. The reason for this is they are bitch to get out if caught, and on roams they slow you down considerably. But none the less we kill shit and we have fun and to be honest thats what I really care about.

Today couldn't have gone better as my twitter status reflects. I netted a total of 13 kills and 4 loses. Not too shabby especially when you hear the losses.

To start at the end. BYDI and FW were floating around Tama and generally just pissing us off after us killing many of them in a row. They finally leave we have 4 mins till cluster shut down when we get eyes on an Obleisk. He's fucking autopiloting through Tama. So we all say fuck it and try to gank the fuck out of him before cluster is gone. We got him through half armor and I lost my Thorax. It's not every day you get to shoot at a Freighter in lowsec much less one that is auto piloting. No biggie there I willing did not warp out, and had no problem doing so as I mentally prepared to lose that ship.

An hour earlier. FW came to fuck with us and they caught of our Vagas that got a little to cocky. In system there was a Drake and Ferox that were solo. We continually tried to catch them but to no avail. In the process of trying for the Drake I landed next to a FW crow and it was game over as I was blobbed. Hence I lost my Arbitrator.

This evening and noon time.
We began skirmishing with Foundation corp, Sons of Tangra alliance. This series of fights began with a Caracal kill that I caught in a belt. His Celetis friend came in to help and ofc I warped in our gang which consisted of a Caracal, 2 Rifters, and my Arbitrator. My Arbitrator made quick work of both Cruisers while the gang contributed with points and dps. I docked up to drop of the enemy Caracal's T2 loot and rep. As I undock the Celestis pilot is now in a Maller and he begins firing at my Arbitrator. With a 24km pt and Turret Disruptor loaded with a optimal disruption script I engage. My drones munch happily on his horrible setup and I get my self a solo Maller kill. The two Foundation pilots regroup and we engange them on another belt this time the Celestis pilot is in a Brutix that is fitted with rails and shield tanked (insert epic lol) and the Caracal pilot is in a Hawk. Both go down to our now Rifter, Arbitrator, Caracal, Thorax gang.

Before all this occurred a Perkone, Vexor pilot engages my Arbitrator off station. I think "Huh this could be fun." Our drones are shredding each other. He is using his guns to shoot me, but I disrupt. I'm using my guns to shoot his drones and it is making all the difference. He's in hull as a Falcon pilot uncloaks and jams me. So his guns start hitting and I pop. So of course the Falcon pilot is a BYDI fagg--player. I talk some shit to him that he can't deny he ignores me nuff said.

So I'm like alright that guy just wanted to be on the KM no biggie, I'll get that Vexor next time. I find him in a belt a couple hours later and I stupidly don't note that the BYDI player is still in system. We engage and the BYDI player uncloaks and jams me. So being the awesome player I am I overheat my MWD and run like a bitch, not wanting to fall victim to the same trap twice. This horrible player doesn't have a scram or web and can't keep up. I get out and proceed to talk even more shit in local, and I point out that BYDI uses 30 T2 cruisers to kill one T1 cruiser (true) and that they are such horrible pvpers they can't even engage in a fair fight (almost true but then again what pirate doesn't try to tip the fight into his favor). I just found it in bad taste to bring a Falcon out for an Arbitrator kill. I've never seen nor engaged a BYDI player solo and probably never will. In my opinion, they way they fight is hardly fun: bait, warp in 30 ships, point and pop anything we can. It takes no tactical skill at all. The only upside is we haven't been falling for their traps lately.

Rifter time.
So in being proficient in most T1 ships I can fly a Rifter. I've learned this ship can be a destructive force when used properly, that is against other frigs and Interceptors. Myself and a player blue to my corp are in our Rifters of Doom, looking for targets. Zach catches a T2 fitted Punisher and engages, I warp in as Zach gets out and I finish the job. Next we find another Rifter I engage Zach warps in. I go down due to rat aggro and Zach picks up where I left off. This bugger has a hell of a setup. Zach pops him just before the rats pop Zach. This player, Lee Dalton, comes back for round 2. Zach catches him this time I warp in. Lee takes rat aggro and Zach warps out. Round two done.

Now before we engaged the Foundation players above, Lee came back for some more. Round 3, I'm in my Arbitrator, Lee is in his Rupture. We approach I activate scram, web, and turret disrupt, or so I thought. my client minimizes as my anti virus software asks to update and I can't believe the timing. I tell it no shut the help up and go away. I maximize EVE and as I do my Thorax friend is in warp. I look at what's going on. He's still engaging me and I'm hold at 7km he's barely got me in armor. I successfully disrupt this time release drones and as the Thorax hits and watch the fireworks. Lee mentions how he would've won if the Thorax hadn't joined, but I inform him of my antivirus death and he concedes I probably would have won even without the Thorax. He comes back with some friends later but we never manage to engage due to FW whores.

About Noon-2pm.
Zach catches a Coercer at a belt, he's going down I come in with the Arby to save the day. We catch a Merlin our rifters pop him quick.

Last night.
We engage a Myrm that eventually kills a lot of us, well a couple of us including my Thorax, he gets out. Ken logs and by this point I'm flying my Arbitrator for the first time and running from an Arazu and Raven. I get out. Ken finds the Arazu and Raven at a planet along with 2 Harpies and a Wolf. We bring ECM and murder the Raven, Arazu and Wolf. I pretty much soloed the Wolf, Ken gave the command to take down the AFs as the Arazu was dead and the Raven was close.

We engage a Drake and reduce it to nothing. The group hits two Thoraxes and an Arbitrator while I'm afk watching Heroes, YATA!

Yesterday Noonish.
I get home from class, hop in my Thorax (Named Dildo + Engine) and head out. I get to a lonely nearly empty system and find a Thorax ratting. I approach and my Local panel rings out with a msg, "Hey are you ratting too?" I chuckle as I approach not sure if he's serious or joking. He was serious. IGTA and he calls out "Nope you're killing me." I reply lightheartedly "Yeah I'm not ratting bud, I make my money a different way."

Now I could go through the couple of roams that happened over the weekend but I don't remember the specifics so I'll give just a breif summary. Now TNPs don't particularly like to roam. Atleast they didn't till me and Joe started leaving Tama and dragging a few players with us that were tired of faction and BYDI blobs.

First roam goes well we engage the Tuskers on a station, which was a stupid call imo but I wasn't exactly calling the shots on this one rather just advising. And in all fairness it was an over excited scout that forced us to engage. Tuskers play a good docking game and kill a Caracal I think. God I really hate station camping. We leave and some dumb myrm pilot shoots a non blinky pilot getting gate gun aggro. We pounce and reduce his ship to a wreck. It was a big loss, 2 faction items and fully rigged for 162 mil.

Prior to that roam we pinned down a BYDI Drake in a belt. We were ready to warp out and were watching local religiously. Nothing came to his aid. We blew him to smithereens and went for the pod but missed. He bitched in local "You know if it wasn't for that ECM I would have won that fight, noobs." First, WHO THE FUCK SOLOS IN A DRAKE ROFL PWNT. Eh hemm. We then responded with the usual "Which is extactly why we brought it noob," "Yeah like BYDI doesn't ECM," or my favorite "Yes ECM is unfair, almost as unfair as a 40 man blob killing one cruiser."

Second roam I decided to hop on the FC bike. Well it's not a bike actually its far from a bike, because when you get back on you don't exactly remember how to ride the right way. Needless to say after some kinks and miscommunications we were acting as a fluid unit. We kept missing targets by literal nanoseconds. We get to Hevrice. We engage the Tuskers. Here's where I make two mistakes I won't be making again. First one is our bait is engaging and calling us I. I hesitate wanting to get the entire Tuskers fleet in warp first. This proves to be a mistake as our bait goes down. I should have listened to him, he knows his tank best. Second mistake was when I jumped us through I warped wing to the fleet, this stuck our 2 ECM boats in the thick of things. A big mistake. Most of us lose our ships and I feel like real shit as bitching begins.

The bait was particularly upset. But we do an After Action Debrief which goes well. We talk about what could have gone better and what we did right. Everybody was surprisingly pleased with the roam even though we didn't get a single kill and most of us lost ships. Everybody was cool understanding and relatively pleased with my performance. I hadn't FCed in over 10 months, since my days in Smashkill FCing 200 plus. Needless to say, I was far from content with my performance. I learned from some of the very best. Especially when it comes to small gang warfare. I felt like I let a lot of old of my old corp mates down with that showing and I am looking to make up for it. With today over and done with I fairly happy and feel I redeemed myself, especially with the BYDI Drake kill.

Here's some ship names some of you may get a laugh out of:


Dildo + Engine

Flying VaJay

Note: I hope everyone takes this in good jest. We all get heated when we lose ships or kill something, that's why it's called smacktalk. I really despise BYDI for their tactics but they want kills just like the rest of us and tip the fights in their favor as much as possible. I don't think it's a fun way to fight and I can't crucify them for it either, but I can talk shit... :) flysafe.

Monday, February 16, 2009


So due to an increased number of concurrent users Tranquility has been experiencing some pretty serious lag. This lag has caused a number of issues for me personally and for my corp mates. It has led to: unnecessary podding, unfair warp outs by targets, unfair locks, points and/or blowing up of our ships. For instance this morning there were barely 30k users online. I eject from my Rifter to leave in system and head back to my home system. I warp to gate land and mash the jump button since there are a few people there. My shields go down, then my armor then I'm in a station. Now granted this saved me like 6 jumps but it also cost me nearly 5mil ISK to replace my clone, 5 million isk that could have gone to 6-8 more Rifters easily. Hopefully this horrible horrible lag will end with Wednesday's hardware upgrade but until then make sure you fly in at least a shuttle.

I'll be doing update later today after I get home from class, probably along with a few DBRs for ENN. I had a lot of time to play over the weekend so it will be a substantial post.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The good the bad and the ugly.

The good.
So at the advice of my professor I'm dropping my most difficult class, which means much much more free time. Free time to write to play EVE etc.

The bad.
I'm horrendously sick. Coughing up thick yellow liquid. I think I have an upper respiratory infection.

The ugly.
I'm losing ships left and right this week. Lost six thoraxes in the past 3 days and one a few days before that but each not without its lesson. And seven kills in the past 3 days as well.

332 Mil in damages in three days (would've been 410mil cept I never actually hit the Lachesis we killed so I wasn't on that mail)
122 mil in losses.

I've been sick and haven't had proper pvp in about a month easily aside from the random 20mins I hop on to see if there are any targets in my home system or in my corp is ganged up. All of which consists of warp, lock, point, web, shoot, so no real tactical thought required. Hence my rustiness and the consequent losses.

First main loss was a 1v1 against a rupture. It was very close. I was at a planet ready for him to drop in on me. He does we both go through the appropriate actions, lock, point, web. At this point I'm not using a scram so his overheating MWD starts to get out of my web range but he soon abandons that tactic fearing his module will get destroyed. His ECM drones break my lock a few times severally hindering my DPS as his T2 autocannons rip through my 800mm plate. We both get into structure he wins the race.

I changed tactics and equip a scram, medium ECM drones, drop a mag stab for a reactor control and 1600mm plate and head back out a day later.

This time I ran into an Ishkur. I knew my ECM drones would break his lock enough for me to stay relatively safe but the first lock he gets I'm getting drone aggro. No biggie though we duke it out every shot he gets he's relocking and firing with blasters, problem is I've stopped doing damage I had him at about 50% shields and being Gallante I still had a long way to go but he starts gaining shields back and my DPS is totally neutralized. So I'm trying to figure it out and I stay when I should've abandoned my drones and saved my ass. A Caracal shows up as I'm at 25% armor and going down. It was a bitter loss especially since my drones decided to stop working once I was ready to run.

A couple of solo easy kills. A Caracal warps to a belt at 0km sitting right next to me and looking oh so delicious so he dies quickly. Today I'm looking for a Blackbird and I'm ready for the ECM off. I poke around a few belts and planets and catch him at a planet at 0km dropping a probe. I go through the actions and he pops quick. The KM reveals nothing but probes which I happily scoop and move on making a few mil easily. I lose that loot and my Thorax to a Brutix which I pounce on despite 20+ in system. I GTA (go through the actions), he drops Medium ECM drones as I cry. He's got me in such a stranglehold its not even funny. I get a small window to lay my ECM drones on him and do so but to no avail. I pop before his Abbandon and Hawk friends can warp to him.

This morning I pop in to a neighboring system to see what can't be had. I find a Caracal, Vexor, and Enyo. I finally get a look at all three of them and warp to the belt. We have the Caracal getting popped quickly by the Enyo as the Vexor moves off. I lock the Vexor approach, he drops ECM drones as do I we burn towards each other I get with in blaster range and open up he starts go to down when I get jammed it starts looking a bit hairy for me. I'm taking a bit too much damage when I realize I've grabbed an old Thorax with an 800 plate. Cursing my oversight I look for an exit. He doesn't have me webbed so I stream away I hit my MWD and that roars to life to my delight so I decide its time to move a bit faster and hit the overheat. I say a prayer for my drones as I enter warp hoping that the Vexor pilot will put them to good use. I say gf in local he responds "You're quick" and I bring to his attention he could've caught me had he realized that I was running instead he just had chose a direction to burn at rather than orbit or keep at range. He responds "I won't make that mistake again," and I hope he doesn't cause next time I'll use a fake run to lure him closer. I refit and grab more drones and I hope I run into that Vexor pilot again so I can show him the real power of my Desert Punk.

Tonight was eventful, that Blackbird kill came first and then the loss to the Brutix. But after that things got interesting. A Drake warped to 0km IGTA and call my three other pilots. I'm hammering this Drake when we get visited by a Lachesis our fleet splits DPS. As the Lachesis is going down and the drake is getting in the redzone as a Vagabond decides to cause some havoc by joining the fight. Literally I pop the Drake and right after the Vaga has be going down quick. I don't last long but run back to the station with my GCC grab another Thorax and undock. We are still chasing the Vagabond around as a Slepnir shows up I chase the Slepnir and we get too far off our fleet's Scorpion and the ECM jam drops and I lose my 3rd Thorax of the night. :( We kill the Vagabond though. I had 20k damage done to the Drake btw I got to sit at optimal and just tear through his sheilds which means if I get the chance I plan to solo the next drake I run into.

As this was being written I lost ANOTHER Thorax. A Deimos in system with have 2 AFs my Thorax and a Scorpion. Plan is bait Deimos jam bam leave. A Falcon uncloaks with the Deimos though and I lose my fourth Thorax of the night. Then they proceed to lol FW gank us and smack talk in local. Personally I think FW people are noobs. They generally blob and move through low sec using no tactics other than numbers and are all around annoying. They ruin real pirate fun then smack talk like they are super 1337. I'll give props, they caught me, they even caught a few people in my 5 man fleet. But it doesn't make us bad pirates and it doesn't make them super 1337 pvpers. We have under 5 in fleet they have 15 plus we lost I believe 2 ships they lost 1. Either way it drives me nuts when FW blobs shit talk small pirate corps. They pulled my pvp toon up on Battleclinc (Mind you one of my 2 pvp toons) With a pretty even 1:1 loss to kill ratio but a huge difference in ISK Destroyed as opposed to ISK Lost 3bil:1.3bil not stellar but I don't do big fleets. I don't do alliance battles where I get on 50 KMs a week. I play an hour or two a day to lose ships and have some fun. As you can tell they got under my skin.

Any way I'll end with something fun and amusing, to encourage comments :), I'll dish out 2 mil to the person who can guess the reference of these ship names. I ask you only guess at one ship name to give others a chance and then after 12 hours of this post being up you can take a second guess at one. These are some names of my Thoraxes, Deimoses, Pilgrims, Falcons, Arbitrators etc.

Never Knows Best
Desert Punk
Lord Canti
Alucard's Rewolfyam
Nothing is Forever

And this one I just wanted to share for the lolz
More like a Whorax

OH and some shameless self promoting I produce cruisers for my corp and alliance. Currently I build a lot and since I've acquired even more BPO's due to a friend quiting I have extra that I can sell. Currently I can produce the following in bulk Arbitrator, Vexor, Thorax, Caracal, Omen, Maller, Rupture, Stabber, Drake. Minimum order of 10 per ship type Email me at for more info

So after receiving another Thorax I hooked up with the 3 people still online at this crazy hour (3 am when I logged back on to check skills). They fleeted me and told me to hurry the hell up. We tried at a few ships here and there then came across a Myrmidon in a belt, a pilot we've murdered oh so many times before. We get a point and start warping in etc. One of our pilots warps to zero and bumps a cloaked Arazu which we proceed to pop. I made a point to sick my ECM drones on it so I could be attached on the KM, I had orders to primary the Myrm but since the Myrm was already ECMd I figured getting some Arazu action couldn't hurt. Myrm was using 2 T2 repps 2 Electrochemical Medium Cap Boosters with 800s loaded had 2x Nano Pump Rig and a Nanobot Accel Rig. He was taking some massive damage but we soon put him down.

This totally lightened up my mood *\o/* (Watching the final four episodes of Gurren Laggan helped) Adding 280mil more to my damage for the past few days. HALF A BILL IN DAMAGES SUCK ON THAT FACTION WAR PUNKS!!

Note: If you are or have ever been in FW please note you are possibly not a noob and/or punk but it is a high probability that you do or have associated with such characters. If this is the case, which it most assuredly is, you are then in fact guilty by association, making you a noob and/or punk.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just a weekend update

I'd like to thank everyone who has visited my blog so far. Traffic has increased tremendously since SeriousSally put an ad up on the ENN website for me. Which by the way ENN is currently down and should be back Monday, I haven't any idea what in particular is going on Sally hasn't contacted or spoken to me (I've been studying for tests for the majority of the weekend), so please be patient I'm sure the site will come back and it will probably be bigger and better than ever.

On to ingame things.
Some of you may have noticed a jump in the price of Hurricanes in Jita over the weekend. That was my doing. There were about 15 with price ranges from 31 mil to 33 mil I believe with 2 at a higher price. I bought all 17 of them and stuck them on the market for about 40mil. I sold 5 of them immediately which pretty much insured that even if the market reflooded I'd come out profitable. Several sales later the market did reflood and the price adjusted to 36mil so I came out with something like 50mil profit which was nice and now there's some 100 Hurricanes jockeying for the lowest cost hoping that they can get in on the profit...MUHAHAHHA...ehhemm. But that's about as close to PVP I got this weekend sadly enough. I may be dropping my Analytic Philosophy class which would free up a ton of time for me to actually play EVE again, but I'm gonna give that class to the end of Feb... probably...maybe more the middleishend of February.

So being the busy diligent student I am I don't have time to sift through the hundred plus blogs at CK's blogroll but at the same time I really enjoy good blogs a recent favorite of mine is There will be pewpew... so if you check his blog out and my first post out that's the type of writing I enjoy, generally stories about piracy pvp etc. I'm not really a big fiction fan though My Mommy is Special at ENN was an amazing fiction peace that I enjoyed. But if you comment here with your blog link I'll be sure to check your stuff out and give it a good thorough looking over and I'll drop a comment.

More posts this week for sure I just have to get past tomorrow's exam.